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What is Nutrition

Nutrition is so much more than calories in verses calories out. Nutrition should be measured by how we feel each day.

The foods we eat on a regular basis, our activities, our mental habits and behaviours all have the power to affect so many aspects of our lives.

Collectively, they influence our gut microbiome, our stress levels, inflammation markers and autoimmune responses, to the balancing of our hormones, genetic recoding, our sleep cycles, our skin, our metabolism and of course, our emotional moods. Phew!

Nutrition Care -

Optimum Nutrition

Every single day, our magnificent bodies are desperately trying to signal and give us clues as to what is going on inside us, often showing up as eczema, food allergies, bloating, puffy eyes, reddened skin, fatigue and insomnia.

The problem for many of us is we have become so numb to these signals, we stop listening to our bodies and instead listen to society, doctors and the media.

Your body holds individual, unparalleled intellect and knows how to heal and nourish itself. If you’re ready to listen to, and willing to create the space to find your own personal definition of wellness, we’ll work with you to uncover and access your body’s infinite wisdom, helping you navigate your own successful, holistic health journey.

“I am passionate about helping you understand the science and reasoning behind the food we eat and why” – Maxinne

Maxinne is a qualified wellness coach, holistic health coach, therapeutic nutritionist and fitness instructor

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Coaching Packages

Every package includes an initial consultation, where we take the time to understand your current position, what’s holding you back, and what your nutrition goals are.

We then tailor a nutrition plan to suit your personal requirements – interesting and engaging meals, nutrition supplements, and ongoing support. And yes, we can also accommodate paleo and vegan meal plans where required.

Can’t find a package to suit your needs? Please contact us as we can tailor any package to meet your individual requirements.