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With sessions running Monday to Saturday, morning and evening, you’ll find a class that fits your schedule.

At the studio, we pride ourselves on ensuring you feel safe, welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. We always have an incredible group of girls who train at each session and the environment provides an upbeat energy that is second to none.

Our 7 day trial package offers you the opportunity to join our classes, meet our trainers and get a feel for our space. Alternatively, our membership packages offer great value and flexibility.  

Covid Information

We have limited our class sizes, follow social distancing requirements, and abide by all Queensland Government health directives.

Group therapy -

Workouts for women

Our Studio’s motto is ‘Safe but savage’. We prioritize form and safety across the board and focus on fundamental lifts to improve strength and confidence in the gym.

Each session is programed with intention to ensure our girls get the most out of every single session.

A gentle yet powerful and effective workout that focuses on total body strength, core movement, flexibility, balance, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Regular Pilates practice will see you walk away with sculpted muscles, improved strength, great coordination and a posture that exudes confidence.

Gently energising, with a focus on stretching out sore muscles, building body strength, and improving balance. This class is suitable for all levels with variations and modifications offered.

Yoga will improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina.

If you want perky buns, sculpted legs and arms, as well as a strong core, then Barre Body is the class for you!

Barre delivers a full body workout, builds strength and flexibility in a safe low-impact manner. Focused on the core, glutes and legs.

30 minute express class with coaches choice of core, glute or full body focused sessions.

The perfect combination of upper body cardio and strength. Whether you're a total beginner or know how to throw a punch, this class will help you improve you boxing technique, whilst delivering a high energy calorie burning workout.

High intensity, high heart rate, high octane. Full Body HIIT is an explosive, high intensity cardio session designed to burn calories, reduce fat and rapidly improve athletic capability.

A mix of resistance training, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and traditional cardio movements.

Full body strength and total body conditioning. This class targets the entire body with a huge focus on building strength and is perfect for women who are wanting to get strong, sculpted and lean fast!

We combine compound lifts to build strength with isolation movements to target all muscles in the body.

Involves a wide range of exercises developed to build a variety of skills, with a focus on mental resilience, mobility, stability, strength endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.

Strength focused lifts - squats, bench and deadlifts - followed by a metabolic conditioning session. If you are looking to get strong, build muscle and torch body fat, this is the class for you.

A quick and condensed version of the above.

Coaches choice! Come and play with us on Saturday for a mystery session.

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Membership Packages

We offer multiple membership packages, with both direct debit and up front payment options available.

Can’t find a package to suit? Contact us and we’ll work something out for you.

Casual Pass

$ 22
  • Single session

Sweat Studio Online

$ 25 /wk
  • Unlimited sessions

10 Session Pass

$ 100
  • 10 sessions

Weekly Direct Debit

$ 50 /wk
  • Unlimited sessions

Monthly Pass

$ 200
  • Unlimited sessions

6 Month Membership

$ 45 /wk
  • Unlimited sessions