With sessions running Monday to Friday, both morning and evening you will be able to find a class that fits in to your schedule.

At the studio, we pride ourselves on ensuring you feel safe and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. We always have an incredible group of girls who train at each session and the environment always provides an upbeat energy that is second to none.

Whether it’s your first class or your 100th,  you will be greeted with a warm welcome into our fitness community.

No booking is required, just turn up 15 minutes early to your first session, and complete the form below.

All classes are held at 13 Yarrowee Street, Currajong


THE STUDIO’S MOTTO IS “SAFE BUT SAVAGE”. We prioritize form and safety across the board and focus on fundamental lifts to improve strength and confidence in the gym. We pride ourselves on being creative and clever with the concept of each and every single session. Each session is programed with intention to ensure our girls get the most out of every single session.

The sessions are created and written with your goals in mind and they will challenge you on both a physical and mental level.

Some of our session styles include:


S&C is the practical application of sports science.

The study of human performance provides the opportunity to maximise an athlete’s physical qualities for their sport. To this end, the primary strength and conditioning objective is injury prevention followed by performance enhancement.

Strength and conditioning is a style of exercise training that improves multiple areas of strength and fitness . Our strength and conditioning classes combines weight training elements such as squats, bench press and deadlifts followed by a metabolic conditioning session to help build and maintain lean muscle, increase strength, metabolism and overall fitness levels.


HIIT is a fun, high-energy fat burning session that targets every part of your body by blending cardio, high intensity interval training and strength training.

This type of training elevates your heart rate quickly and keeps it there, thus burning more fat in shorter time periods. In addition, HIIT training increases the body’s need for oxygen both during and after the training session and as a result, this creates a perceived oxygen shortage, causing your body to draw in more oxygen during your recovery. This after burn effect is referred to as  EPOC. Your metabolism stays elevated for up to 48 hours after an intense HIIT session (or GBC session) . It is for this reason why HIIT is so effective; you burn calories at a higher rate long after your session is over.

Each workout is different to keep your body guessing. We utilize dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells and bodyweight exercises to achieve maximum results in 45 minutes.


This technique involves pairing upper and lower-body exercises, performing moderate rep ranges, and limiting rest between sets. Moving between a lower-body movement to an upper-body movement allows one area to recover while the other area is working. This type of exercise coupling  places extra demand on your heart as blood runs to your lower body and then it is forced to quickly rush back up to the upper body. This increases the cardiovascular effect and calorie burn of the workout. The best way to keep blood circulating around the body and raise the lactate levels through out the whole body is to pair upper and lower-body exercises for 8-15 reps with short 30-60 second)rest intervals. When the body experiences high levels of lactic acid it will decrease your pH levels. This will send a message to the brain to speed up the production of human growth hormones. Higher HGH levels lead to accelerated fat loss. GBC training is so effective because you’re not just burning calories during your workout, but you do so for hours and hours after. Training in this type of style not only leads to faster fat loss, but it also preserves your strength and muscles.


High-tension exercises focused on building strength will help you maximize muscle fiber recruitment. Compound moves and heavier lifts are essential for recruiting new muscle fibres. The more muscle fibres we recruit – the more we grow.  When we move heavy weight, we cause microtears to the muscle being worked. This muscular damage is a critical part of hypertrophy adaptations.


Isolation movements also allow us to target the specific muscles (for example the glutes) directly without recruiting any other muscles whilst they are being worked (for example a back squat recruits not only the glutes, but the quads and hamstrings as well).


Plyometrics are a type of exercise that involves explosive compound movements such as jumps, skips and hops which can be done solely with body weight or with the addition of light weight for an extra challenge. The goal is to achieve maximum force production in a minimum amount of time by quickly lengthening, then contracting your muscles. This works to increase the force and speed of your muscular action, boosting the power and strength of your body while elevating your heart rate and burning mega calories in the process.

Plyometric training is an excellent way to sculpt the lean muscles and burn calories.


Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and relieve stress.

yoga is performed as part of an exercise program to increase general health, reduce stress, improve flexibility and muscle strength, and alleviate certain physical symptoms, such as chronic pain. As yoga is a low-impact activity and can include gentle movements, it is commonly used as part of physical therapy and rehabilitation of injuries.


BARRE MEETS BOOTY BOUNCE! If you are looking for lean legs and a perkier peach then this class is for you! Sculpt lean legs and torch fat with bounce and isolate the glute with all of the best parts of barre.


  1. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM STARTING AGE? The minimum starting age is 18.
  2. I’M A BEGINNER, CAN I JOIN? Absolutely! You don’t have to be an athlete to join. Every one works to their own level and trains in a way that is comfortable to their current level.
  3. HOW EARLY SHOULD I ARRIVE? Arrive 10 minutes early so you can get a feel for your surrounding and then you can meet the trainer or instructor. You may also need to sign some documentation.
  4. IS IT HARD? Yes, the sessions are designed to be challenging. In saying that, intensity can always be modified and the trainers provide various training levels for exercises from beginner to advanced.
  5. I HAVE AN INJURY. Thats okay, we can work around it. Notify the trainer of any injuries before you begin.
  6. WHAT DO YOU BRING? A positive attitude, your training shoes, water and a towel.




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