Townsville’s newest ladies only training facility, specialising in female fitness and biotransformations. Our workouts are designed specifically for women; to build strength, improve fitness levels, torch body fat, sculpt lean muscle and boost self confidence and esteem.

The studio will offer unlimited access to our 20+ SESSIONS weekly, for just $50 per week. No lock in contract!

If you would like to find out more please email me at maxinne@shifthealthandwellness.com.au


“We are a labour of love, for women by women”

It is our mission to kindle a wellness revolution, transforming and empowering individuals to find their unique transformation through optimal health. At The Shift Health and Wellness we cater to your holistic healing, physical fitness and nutritional needs.”


Maxinne has a passion for understanding nourishment on deeper level than what people are typically used to and taught. She is constantly obtaining further qualifications in her field and at present is researching gut health on an extensive level and how this relates to the immune system and metabolic functioning. Maxinne also studies the unique healing properties of the earths super foods. Then implements plans on where and how these properties can be used to heal conditions and add benefits to her clients. Maxinne is a qualified Wellness Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Therapeutic Nutritionist and a Fitness instructor. Her goal is to truly help her clients help themselves. This sounds so cliché as this is every dietary advisor and trainers’ goal, however, she truly feels her purpose in life is to help others feel the way they were destined to feel on a mental, cellular and physical level. Maxinne’s motto is; “If you can truly understand your client, their personal goals, their driving forces, their underlying health concerns and their current mental state, you can help them on a deeper level; creating programs that they can adhere to, which inspires change that can then become a new lifestyle’. Maxinne also runs women’s only boot camps and designs unique nutritional and exercise plans specially for women.

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The Shift - Health & Wellness