19 Mar

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. 

It has been a wonderful and busy time for me over the past six months and I have some new things to share and wanted to take the time to fill you in.

For those of you who are relatively new, I’m Maxinne from The Shift Health and Wellness.

For years I have worked in the health and fitness industry writing meal plans, coaching clients, creating content and offering my expertise for other brands. I am more than happy to say that I am now working for myself and am taking new one on one coaching clients.

I am a qualified Wellness Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Therapeutic Nutritionist, Nutritionist, Certified Dietary Advisor and a Fitness Instructor. In addition, I am certified in sports nutrition, adolescent nutrition, pre and postpartum nutrition, superfood nutrition and detoxification.

I am obsessed with nutrition on a deeper level and in this past 6 months I have submerged myself in study in the hopes of gaining more knowledge which will benefit my clients, their goals and their health. I obtained my certification in vegan and vegetarian nutritional coaching and I also undertook mentoring sessions with Coach Jake Carter, Functional Nutrition Guru, to deepen my knowledge in areas such as gut health, hormones, plant based diets and so much more.

It is my mission to kindle a wellness revolution, transforming and empowering individuals to find their unique transformation through optimal health.

Why do I have such great success? Unlike many transformational coaches, I do not utilize cookie cutter plans or give you generalised macros based on estimated statistics through apps. You will work only with me from beginning to end. My areas of nutritional coaching are completely personalized and are tailored to you as an individual; whether that’s as simple as helping you obtain your dream physique or it may mean sorting through your digestion issues, autoimmune conditions, rebalancing your hormones, restoring your skin and your sleep cycles or improving your relationship with food.

I have been having some incredible success with my new clients (check out the pics below) and I would love to see you achieve the same with my 8 week nutritional coaching options. There are some examples below, however I have plenty more over at my instagram @theshift_healthandwellness. Click the “client” option under my story high lights to find some inspirational transformations.

To learn more about the range of programs and coaching options I offer, you can click here to browse.

Some popular programs I offer include a Personalised Meal Plan coaching package, full Gut Health Reset package or a Macro Coaching package.

If you have questions or need help choosing, please email me at maxinne@shifthealthandwellness.com.au I would love to help you.

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